Members of Atani Welfare Union in the United States of America held their biennial convention on Saturday, September 5, 2015 in Houston, Texas, USA. Houston was chosen to host the convention due to the number of Umu Atani residing in the city. Umu Atani in Houston already conduct monthly meetings.

No fewer than 250 people attended the biennial convention gala night which was organized for fund raising for the building of classroom blocks in Atani town, Arochukwu. The theme of the convention is “NO ATANI CHILD LEFT BEHIND”. More than $20,000 was raised both by Umu Atani during the morning meeting and at the gala night.

Most of the funds realized from Houston biennial convention came from registered members of Atani Welfare Union, USA. The money, the organised said, will be deployed to build classroom blocks in Atani Primary School. The special guest was Eze Ogo Atani, His Royal Highness, Mazi Charles Kanu Okoro who traveled from Nigeria to address Umu Atani and other invited guests.

Atani Welfare Union USA was formed in 2007; it is an affiliate of Atani Welfare Union Worldwide. One of its main objectives is to bring Umu Atani together in the United States of America for social and cultural interactions and to help its children imbibe the rich culture which Arochukwu is historically reputed for.

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