On 19-21 April 2019, the international convention with the theme “Towards Improving our Community Healthcare”, hosted by Atani Welfare Union – USA, took place in New York at the prestigious Radisson Hotel JFK Airport.

The convention provided a platform for Atani people in the United States of America as well as other Arochukwu people and stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system to dialogue and exchange ideas on opportunities to solve the healthcare challenges of Arochukwu and Atani people.

Central to the convention as encapsulated in the keynote address delivered by a very erudite and eloquent Arochukwu daughter, Dr. Nnennaya Duke were three major concerns of Arochukwu and Atani people in the diaspora:

  1. To strengthen the framework for private investment and funding for healthcare in Arochukwu
  2. To develop healthcare infrastructure in Atani Village and its environs
  3. To improve inclusive economic growth and development

The full presentation of Dr. Nnennaya Duke appears here. Dr. Duke has both MD and DO medical degrees and is a US Board certified family medicine physician. She has made it her goal in life to bring healthcare to the underserved population both at home and abroad.

The convention Gala night brought together more than 300 guests from across the United States including many health sector practitioners who have a passion for the improvement of healthcare in Nigeria. Healthcare in Atani remains a major passion and burden for many sons and daughters of the village living in the United States.

Our goal is to continuously seek partnership for Public Health issues affecting the village such as proper refuse disposal and environmental sanitation. Another area of concern is adequate food security and nutrition for the well being of those living in the village, realizing that most sickness has direct correlation with hunger and proper nutritious food. Many guests were visibly worried about how to prevent premature and early death caused by manageable ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

Guests donated generously to these challenges and AWUUSA, which is a registered US nonprofit organization, pledged to use the funds contributed to seek for effective solutions to many of these problems.

The high point of the convention was the award of “Ugo Atani” to 22 deserving Atani sons and daughters and 17 titles to members that have meritoriously served the union for several years. In a democratically conducted election earlier in the day, the following were elected to the Executive Committee to lead the union for the next two years:

President General: Mazi Ishmeal Elekwa (Ikeoha Atani)

Vice President General: Nwamazi Onyemobi Anyiwo

Secretary General: Adamazi Ezinwanne Jigo (Mgbede Atani)

Deputy Sec General: Adamazi Ifeoma Anyiwo

Treasurer: Adamazi Nneoma Ukpabi (Ezenwayi Atani)

Financial Secretary: Adamazi Esther Nwosu (Akuoma Atani)

Director of Socials: Mazi Chidi Habor

The Gala night featured traditional dances and cultural displays of Atani people to the delight of our guests.

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